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What is steel strapping used for?

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Steel strapping is commonly used to bundle together durable steel coils, pavers and bricks, roll end binding, baling wire, and other metals. Other common uses for steel straps include:

  • Helping to secure packaged glass to make sure that it stays locked in place, so no scratches, damages, or breaks occur. 

  • Securing wide loads inside large containers like trailers, boxcars, and semi-trailers. 

  • Tightly closing metal shipping containers and corrugated storage boxes. 

  • Locking items into place on top of crates and pallets. 

  • Securing smaller things, like books, small packages, newspapers, paper, tools, etc., for handling and shipping.

Steel strapping can be used for several reasons. Most commonly, it will be a way to hold products together (via a banding tool). You will see it used quite a bit when shipping construction type products. You may also find steel strapping used in manufacturing. Anytime there is potential for the steel strapping to come into contact with water or high levels of humidity, you will need to purchase the stainless strapping.

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